Pebble Action Cam Remote


The Pebble App for Sony® Action Cam Cameras works with your smartphone to control your Sony Action Cam.

  • Remote movie recording from your smartphone.
  • Remote photo taking from your smartphone.

Installation Instructions

  1. Once installed, you will be asked to install the companion application.
  2. Install this application
  3. Connect to the action cam using WiFi (Refer to your user manual for instructions)
  4. Open this application
  5. Press “Start device discovery”
  6. Choose the camera, if the camera does not show up you are not connected to it correctly using WiFi
  7. The watch app should automatically open up, and you should be able to change modes record movies or take pictures.

Pebble Watch Application User Guide

  • Top Button - Change Mode
  • Middle Button - Start and Stop Record / Take Picture
  • Bottom Button - Change Mode


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